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Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Snow!

Last Saturday afternoon it was raining hard here at our house. Not so up on Mt. Hood, 30 minutes away.

We piled the kids in the car and took them up the mountain where it was snowing hard! They had about two feet of new snow up there, and man was it cold.

The kids were so excited. This was the first time the twins have seen snow, and Hudson and Hannah don't remember seeing it before.

The twins only lasted about 30 seconds. Then they declared that they don't like snow. Joy never even made it out of the van. The other kids and I braved the driving snow for about 30 minutes, having found a drift that was about four feet deep. We were frozen solid by the time we left. Of course, it doesn't help that we only have tennis shoes, jeans and light sweatshirts and jackets. :) Good thing it was still raining and warmer down where we live.

It's hard to believe that six years ago we were living above the Arctic Circle, where temperatures like this would have seemed balmy! Guess we've acclimated to the tropics.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Airman and the Headhunters

About two years ago I stumbled across a brand new book called, The Airman and the Headhunters. It was a riveting story that could hardly have been contrived in the wildest of imaginations. But the crazy thing is that it actually happened!! And the story unfolded near the end of WWII, right in the very area and among the very people that I serve through MAF in Kalimantan. It's really amazing! Anyway, a few months before we left for furlough, a documentary crew from the UK arrived in Tarakan. We flew them around as they filmed a documentary about this stranger-than-life story. This documentary is set to air on PBS this coming Wednesday, November 11 at 8:00 pm.

Please note that I have not seen the documentary, and therefore cannot specifically recommend it. Also, I'm sure there will be some images, story aspects, or reenactments that could be disturbing for young children and others. But if it's anything like the book, it'll be quite a story! To read more about it and see a preview, go here.