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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'll Huff and I'll Puff and...

A few days ago, (August 17th,) was Indonesian Independance day. It's like our July 4th in America! Since it was a Sunday, everyone had Monday off for a holiday. There's always a bunch of fesitivities, community games, and get-togethers around.

Since the twins were fighting a nasty cold, I stayed home with them while Joy and the other three went to the pool in the morning. Ya, there's a pool here on the other side of town. It's nice, and usually not very crowded. Today was different. Lots of people were there because of the holiday.

As you might expect, there were games and races of all kinds going on at the know, swimming type races and games. However, I was shocked when Joy told me about the last race that took place. After all the guys had finished the swimming races, they got out of the pool and had the "who can smoke three cigarettes first" race. Seriously! She said they all jammed three cigarettes in their mouth at once, and then huffed and puffed as fast as they could, while the women and kids cheared them on! Smoking is very, very common here...but come on, a smoking race?! You've gotta laugh. I only wish she'd taken a picture. :)

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