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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leaping Lizards!

Yesterday, I got attacked by a lizard. Well...not really attacked, but it sure caught me by surprise. At the very moment my airplane was leaving the ground, a lizard jumped out of the air vent beside my head, and landed on my arm. For the next 30 seconds he ran laps from my left arm to my right arm, always making it a point to sprint across my neck on the way.

I remember back in flight school they were always giving us mock mission-flying scenarios to prepare us for the real world of mission flying. I don't remember the one about the leaping lizards attacking you on take-off. Oh, and try landing at a marginal airstrip while the person right next to you is doubled over in a plastic bag. Ya, that can be a bit distracting too. :) And yet, I love my job! Wouldn't want to be doing anythign else!

We've got so many cool & interesting critters here in Indonesia. A few months ago I found a dead crab in the wing of my airplane during a morning pre-flight. I spotted his claw hanging out a small hole where it looked like he was trying to get out but got stuck. Still haven't figured out what a crab was doing in our plane. We often have birds and mud dobbers building homes in our planes, but a crab??

Anyways, heres a few pics of lizards we've seen in Indonesia. There's lots more, but this just gives you an idea.


Dave Downing said...

Hehehehe. That was great Dave! Reminds me of my very first solo when I was already extremely tense and on short final for a touch and go when a wasp came thru my air vent and nearly put me into cardiac arrest.
Keep up the great blogs, you and the family are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Was he getting ready for a marathon? I wish I could have seen that.
As always, great stories and very entertaining.
What's the story behind the person and the plastic bag? Dead or alive?

Anonymous said...

For some reason I couldn't publish under my name, so had to go anonymous.


Dave said...

The person doubled over in the plastic bag was actually throwing up is all. It's pretty common for folks who don't fly much here to get sick, but usually they're sitting behind me. In a few cases, they've been in the co-pilot's seat. And it seems like they always wait till you're landing. :)

theda said...


Alan said...

Yikes. Talk about concentration. Way to go Dave.


hondacubber said...

Don't let the training department hear about that they will put it in the syllabus. I have not had them on takeoff but I had one come out of my helmet en-route. I tried to subscribe to your blog but it only lasted for one post. Any ideas how to get them all?

Rakel said...

We love your blog Dave....and the pictures of the kids and your life in Indonesia...we are also praying for HIS continued protection on you guys....blessings on you all from a "close to rainy day in Oregon"

Anonymous said...

Another funny, real-life story Dave. I think you should write a book someday. The pictures were great. I love the one of Britton with the lizard on his head. I remember that one from one of your letters.