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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Annual Conference

It's been a very busy couple of weeks, but now we're chilling for a few days in a hotel in Balikpapan, so I finally have a chance to catch up a bit. Above is a picture that our new Canadian Maintenance Specialist, Karl, took while I was unloading my plane in Long Rungan. A few weeks ago he had the chance to ride along with me all day, which was both fun for me, and an encouragement to him to see how his work fixing planes helps the ministry interior.

Our annual MAF Kalimantan team conference just got over. It was a real blessing and encouragement--always something we look forward to each year. Below is a picture of our MAF Kalimantan team. There's just one family missing, the Persenaires, who are on furlough right now. Missed you guys!

Leading up to the conference we had the privilege of hosting the Davis family who were here to help with VBS for all the missionary kids during conference. Our house was bursting with activity during the four days they joined us, as we had 11 people total calling the Forney house home (7 of us, 4 of them). They probably regret their willingness to live in our crazy zoo-house, but we sure had fun! :)

The Davis and Erickson families were a HUGE blessing to all of us. They came all the way over here from the U.S. to do VBS with the kids. As you can see, there's a lot of kids!! And that doesn't include the babies--there's tons of them too!!

Here we are at conference. Smiles all the way around, as we're taking the opportunity to stay a few extra days at the hotel here.

And of course, another trip to the crocodile farm. Hudson was definitely into the crocs this time. If you missed our previous trip to the croc farm, check it out here. It's pretty funny!

This time I got a little video of the chicken-chuckin' fun. There's nothing like throwing dead chickens into hungry crocs for a buck a piece! Listen carefully and you can here the distinct "pop" of the croc in the middle, when his jaws snap shut, just missing the chicken. It's right at the beginning of the video. The sound is slightly delayed from the powerful snap, probably b/c of the bad audio on the camera. In real life, it's way louder and scarier than my little point and shoot could capture. You could "feel" the sound of the jaws. Fun stuff!

Chicken Chuckin' Fun! from Dave Forney on Vimeo.


theda said...


Is there some way I can get that picture of your family so I can get it printed? I love your blog. I look every day to see what new adventures you're having.

Unknown said...

Hi Joy and Dave - Glad you all were able to get some down time after the conference. Hope everyone is feeling better healthwise. I'm sure you are now busy trying to get things ready for your up coming furlough. It's amazing how the time flys by. Next thing you know you will be in the US at Taco Bell again.

Praying always - Lew