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Monday, June 15, 2009

U.S. - Bound!

In 24 hours we'll be departing Tarakan on our long journey to the good ol' U.S. of A. for our first furlough. To clarify, we are not leaving Indonesia for good. This is a scheduled six-month assignment in the U.S., after which time we look forward to returning to our home here in Indonesia (After 3 1/2 yrs overseas, MAF families serve six months in their country of origin.) We already have tickets for the return flight in January.

Day one takes us from Tarakan to Balikpapan, Indonesia. Day 2 we cruise on to Singapore. Day 3 starts at 3:00AM and takes us through Tokyo, to Portland, and on to Boise, ID where we'll hopefully arrive about 36 hours later (but actually just later the same afternoon b/c of crossing the International date line.) So hopefully we'll be at MAF headquarters on Thursday afternoon (U.S. time.)

Should be an exciting and exhausting trip with the five kids. We appreciate your prayers! I'll update you some time after our arrival.


Unknown said...

Hey Joy, kids & Dave - We've notified the Taco Bell stores of your arrival time and told them to be sure to have plenty of Taco sauce to go with all those up coming orders! Taco Bell and all the other fast food stores look forward to six months worth of feeding your family! The stock values are climbing as you near the US coast.
Welcome back - Lew

On Purpose said...

Praying for safe travel and welcome back to the US!