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Friday, August 7, 2009

Please Pray!

Some of our good friends that serve with AIM AIR in Kenya are in the midst of a very difficult time right now. I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers.

On August 1st an aircraft accident claimed the life of pilot, Frank Towes. Frank was one class ahead of me at Moody Aviation. I'm sure his wife and four children could really use your prayers. In addition, an AIM AIR mechanic was critically injured. His condition is still very critical.

Please pray for the entire AIM AIR family.

To find out more, or to find out how you can help with memorial funds go here. Thanks!


Unknown said...

Our prayers and hearts go out to the Towes family as well as to the AIM AIR team. Thanks for sharing the news with us.

Praying always - Dixie and Lew

Auntie said...

Thank you for sharing and allowing me the opportunity to pray with you.