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Monday, November 21, 2011


Here's a few shots from the past couple of weekends.  First, flying RC airplanes down at the airport on Sunday afternoons with MAF friends.  To see a few more photos like these, go see Joy's post, "The Glorious in the Mundane."

And last Sunday we went to a baby dedication that we were invited to attend for a family in our neighborhood.

Notice the envelope that the guest is slipping into the side of the crib, beside the sleeping baby.  It's customary to bring an envelope with a monetary gift inside for this type of event.

Of course, the family wanted to pose for photos with my family.

The proud grandma was sitting on a chair next to the baby.  I never saw her get up.  However before we left she specifically asked for this picture, with her older granddaughter, knowing that later we'll print it out and bring it to her.

And of course, no "weekend post" could be complete without an airplane shot.  The Kodiak is in such high demand, and there are so many flight requests, that we started flying it six days a week way back in May when I finished my Kodiak checkout.  Ever since then I've been flying the Saturday schedule, and taking my weekend on Sunday and Monday.  Here's a shot from this Saturday in Data Dian.  It was a beautiful day, but those big white clouds in the distance were an indicator of things to come.  Usually when it's this hot and sunny there are massive thunderstorms that build up in the afternoon.  Saturday was no exception, as I had to negotiate a lot of ugly weather on the way home.


hondacubber said...

I did not know you fly Cubs too! Stop by Yakima sometime and we will let you fly a modern Cub.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, my name is Irvan, i'm one of your 'silence reader'

i love the aeromodelling part!

are you flying engine model, too?

i have a cessna 185 .46 painted in MAF PK-MCB livery, and a giant 3m wingspan cessna 185 100cc, also in PK-MCB livery.

maybe someday we can fly together :)

Dave said...

I flew a Cub to get my Seaplane rating way back when. Other than that, this is the only Cub I've ever flown. It's fun & cheap! I'd love to fly a real AND modern one.

Irvan, I wish I had some gas-powered models too, but I don't have the money for that right now. Plus, I think it would be really hard to get the special gas here--unless it uses regular gas. Your models sound awesome. It would be a lot of fun to fly together sometime. Let me kow.