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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random Shots

I've been a little slack lately in getting out timely blog updates.  We're quite short on pilots for quite a spell now, and I've been flying a ton and had very little time to catch up with stuff like this.  But here's some quick and random shots. 

During January and February I did literally dozens of medevac flights.  Many of the people that were flown to the hospital would have died if not for the airplane.  Each day, as people expressed their deep gratitude for the life-saving help of MAF, I was reminded of how many people are involved in making this possible.  Thank you for your prayers, ministry support, and encouragement on behalf of us and our ministry with MAF.  We're deeply grateful!  Many people are blessed as a result, and get to experience first-hand the love of Christ in very tangible ways!  And we're so glad to be a small part of that!