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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Speaking Events Get Cut Back!

Well, a lot has been happening in the past few weeks!  Joy and I just completed two weeks of training with MAF International in Ashford, England, and are now at MAF HQ in Nampa, Idaho for a week of standard debrief prior to our furlough.  

Many of you probably received the letter we just sent/e-mailed out a few weeks ago with an initial speaking schedule we had lined up throughout the eastern part of the country.  In the past few days and weeks it's become obvious that we needed to make some significant changes to our schedule.  Below is a copy of a new letter that we wrote, that was just mailed out today.  Those of you who receive our letters via e-mail will get it within the next day or two.  The rest should have it sometime in the next two weeks.  

Please take a few minutes to read it--especially if you're in the central or eastern part of the country and if you were planning to come to one of our speaking events this fall.  You can right click and save it to your desktop or wherever, and then zoom in on it to make it larger, which should make it easy to read.  Alternatively you can go to our MAF staff page and scroll down the right side to our prayer letters, and download the pdf version.  It may be a few days before this letter is posted there, but it'll be there soon.
We sure do appreciate your prayers, encouragement, and ministry support!  We're very blessed to have such an awesome ministry team!

Later this fall, after we've had some time to take a breather we'll be doing some sharing in the northwest--mostly in the Gresham/Portland area.  When we have dates for those, I'll post them here.  In the meantime, we're mostly focused on getting the rest and rejuvenation we need.  Thanks for understanding.


Karen said...

Wahoo I can still make Greencastle! I am just over in Mont alto. Cannot wait to here more about your mission work then

Sandy said...

Oh, I wish I knew you were in England! Perhaps you brought the warm weather?
We are praying for you and your family.
In Christ,
Sandy in the UK

Familly Peisser said...

Hello, we're in Zion and we'll be on the South Campground early tomorrow morning. Do you want us to book a campsite for you ? We can let our tent on one that is not too far from ours (if possible). Waiting to see you soon. MaPaToClaYa, the French travelling familly.

Dave said...

Sorry guys! Didn't see your comment till this afternoon, so it was too late. Thanks for the offer though! Tomorrow we're moving over to a small campground near the Kolob Canyon area. It's a bit too crowded in this part of the park for us, but the two older boys and I did the Angel's Landing trail today. That was fantastic! Maybe we'll see you today or tomorrow before we head over to the other side of the park. :-)