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Monday, February 17, 2014

Arches National Park 2

Here's a few more from Arches National Park.  If you look really closely at the lower center part of the picture, just above that dark green bush, you can see my kids climbing on the rocks.  That gives you a bit of perspective as to how HUGE this arch is!

Here's a view of Landscape Arch--a remarkably long and thin arch which seems it should come crashing down at any moment.  I guess a good size chunk of it did do just that not too many years ago.

We all hiked up into some fins back behind Delicate Arch.  The older boys and I ventured out onto the end of this fin.  I know you can't tell from the picture, but it drops off about 50 feet on all sides.  The view was amazing!

I love the wide open space and feel of the American Southwest!  Look at the size of everything compared to Joy and the kids!

Here we are on the back side of the Windows Arches.  All the tourists were on the other side, but we took a trail that wrapped around to the back--it's always better without the crowds!

And here's Double Arch.  Again, check out the enormous size!

I believe this is the South Window Arch, from the back side, if I remember correctly.

This was a fun trail on the way to Delicate Arch--the first Arch that I pictured in the last post.

And the Three Gossips.

And here's some little beetle tracks we saw in the sand, along the way to Tower Arch.

In  case you're wondering, we've been working hard getting ready for a departure to Uganda.  We're shooting to leave in about four weeks, but still waiting on a work permit before we can pursue purchasing tickets.  We appreciate your prayers for that.  When we know something definitive, I'm sure I'll let everyone know so we can begin the countdown together.  But until then, we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get a whole bunch of last minute stuff done before we leave.


Anonymous said...

Dave, your photography always amazes me. The Lord has allowed you to travel to many exotic and photogenic places too. What camera do you use? Do you have a favorite lens you use the most?

Praying your move to Uganda goes well and certainly can't wait to see the photos taken there.

God bless you all,

Dave said...

Thanks Andrea!
I've had a variety of cameras over the years. Many of my shots were taken with a Canon 7D. Now I have a Canon 5DIII. But large cameras like these are too big to carry every day in a small plane, so I always have a small "back-up" camera. Used to be high-end point and shoots, but I now have a mirror less. Many of the National park shots were taken with a GX1. As for lenses...several favorites. I love the ultra-wide angle for scenery. But that wouldn't work well at all for close-ups of people. So I guess it really depends a lot on what I'm shooting. :-)