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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Views From My Office Window

Here's a few views from my "office window".  
Below, an unusually clear view of Kampala, the city where we live.

Below is a more typical view of our city as we depart in the morning.  As you can see, it's normally quite hazy and dusty.

And a few closer shots of the downtown section.  Driving within this area is an absolute nightmare due to unending traffic jams!

Now, on the exact same day that I took the three photos above, I also snapped all of the photos below.  It gives a you a very good idea of the huge differences between the weather around the city here, as compared to the typical weather in the eastern and northeastern parts of the country.  About 30 minutes (flight) outside of Kampala, all of the haze and dust is gone.  There's often clouds and weather still hanging around from the lake effects of Lake Victoria, but the air is clear and the visibility is great!

A little further still, and the clouds are thinning. You can see the clear skies in the distance over toward the Karamojang area.  This shot, below, is taken near Kalongo.

And finally, vast, blue skies from horizon to horizon.  I love it out here.  It reminds me of the American Southwest.  You feel so small compared to the vastness of the landscape and sky.  This is near Kotido.  Notice the little circles of mud huts where people live, surrounded by the thorn fences.

Here we are on the ground at Kotido.

And this is Matany.  Again, this is only a little over an hours flight from the city, but look how different the weather is.  Crazy, hugh?


Just me said...

Dave, your pictures and words always inspire!

Sean Cannon said...

Love the pics og BIG BLUE SKY. 150m in smoke today. Last two weeks all flights canceled in PalangkaRaya. Gotta love this time of year!

Chris said...

I miss flying there! Love the pics!