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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Karamoja Trip (Part 3 of 4)

Here's a few more shots from our Karamoja trip.  If you missed the first in this series you can check it out here.  For the second, go here.  Below, some kids having fun on the outskirts of Nakipiripirit, at the base of the rugged, 10,000' Mount Kadam.

This little guy was hanging out with us while we were getting one of our flat tires repaired.

Britt is always great with the kids. Although these kids don't speak English, and we don't speak their local language, that didn't seem to impede them from having a great time together. Britt was quick to join in one of their favorite games--  roll the old tire. That brought plenty of smiles and giggles.

Here are some typical, young goat shepherd boys near the Karamojang peace villages, not far from Mt. Napak.

We did our laundry by hand in a basin on the floor of the little bathroom in the guest house where we stayed.  Water is a precious commodity in this area during dry season, as it's all carried by hand from a well.  We used a dipper to pull that water from the purple trash can, to flush the toilet, shower, and of course do laundry.

The next few shots are from various church services and prayer meetings we held throughout the area.

As I mentioned previously, the "roads" are really tough on vehicles up here.  The rocks are sharp and there's a lot of Acacia trees with wicked thorns...

...which means that scenes like this are a bit too common.

Heres a few random shots of the wide open scenery of Karamoja.  I love the serene, rugged, harsh, beauty of this land.

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