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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Flood Relief Flying

You may remember that I mentioned in a previous blog post a few weeks ago, that there had been severe floods in Western Uganda (and other parts of the country) in early-mid May. Well, several weeks later, we were given special permission by various authorities to fly relief supplies to the hardest hit region in western Uganda.

Because of flooding at our own 'home' airstrip in Kajjansi, we had positioned our aircraft to the international airport (which is still closed for international commercial flights) where all of the relief supplies were loaded into our four Caravan aircraft.

Over the next several days we made multiple flights per day in each aircraft.

Each of the four Caravans was usually able to haul a bit over one ton per load, and each one usually did two flights per day. So we were able to deliver about 8-9 tons per day.

Here's a shot of all four of our Caravans in the parking area at the airstrip where we dropped the relief supplies. Thankfully, when we were flying the weather was mostly dry and sunny, with blue skies. :-)

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