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Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Twins!

On Friday Tanner and Tyler turned two! Unfortunately, Britton and I were in the middle of a long-planned, wild weekend jungle adventure deep in the heart of Borneo (more on that tomorrow.) So we celebrated tonight.
Happy birthday guys! (Tyler on the left, Tanner on the right.)

Above: Tyler diving into his cake. Below: Tanner hamming it up for the camera.


theda said...

Happy Birthday Guys!

You're getting more handsome all the time.

Love, Grandma Theda

Maylan said...

Happy birthday little guys!
I hope next time I come to your house you guys don't mind to let me carry you!
Love you all,

Jennifer said...

They are so handsome and growing so fast! Can't wait to hang out with them this summer!

~Aunt Jenn

Ronda said...

Unbelievable!! It doesn't seem like it was 2 years ago that you guys were heading for the States. WOW! Those boys are sure growing and they are little dolls. Sure wish we could have been there to help them celebrate...they would probably have no idea who we are now. :-(