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Saturday, November 6, 2010


O.k.  Here's my attempt at trying to placate all of you that were left plagued by slithery nightmares after my last post.  Aren't they cute?  These were taken last week, when our five bunnies were three weeks old.  They're growing, rabbits!  Isn't it amazing how different each one is?   They all came from a fully-white dad and a brown mom.

So we thought it would be fun to let you guys vote for which bunny is your favorite, or which one you think is the cutest.  Personally, I think the girl holding the bunny above is the cutest, but since I've already decided that, you can only vote on the bunnies themselves (the poll is on the top of the sidebar at the right.)  Who knows...maybe your votes will influence our decision on which one to eat--last. :)  Or perhaps which one not to eat. :)  Also, if you have any suggestions for names, please leave a comment with your ideas.  We haven't officially named them yet, though they've each earned nicknames that seem to be sticking.  Keep in mind that it's impossible to tell whether they're male or female at this age, so names need to be gender neutral.

BUNNY #1 - A.K.A. "Psycho Bunny".  This one is the second-largest, but by far the naughtiest!  In fact, any chance this bunny gets, he/she runs like a maniac into the flower bed, requiring Britton's animal-catching skills, combined with a net to retrieve him/her.  (That's why Joy had to hold "Psycho Bunny" for the photo shoot.)

BUNNY #2 - A.K.A. "Runt".  As you can tell from the nickname, Runt was/is the smallest of the five bunnies.  The first week we were uncertain whether he/she would survive.  The other bunnies chewed his/her ears the first week and generally picked on Runt.  Without question, Runt is the quietest, mild-mannered of the bunnies and loves to be held.

BUNNY #3 - A.K.A. "Capybara".  With fluffy, butterscotch-colored fur, Capybara always sticks out from the others.  He/she is  inquisitive but cautious, and also likes to be held.  Capybara shares the same rounded ears and blunt nose that Runt has.  (If you want to read more about real Capybaras, go here.)

BUNNY #4 - A.K.A. "Mohawk Bunny".  One of the two multi-colored bunnies, Mohawk Bunny is blessed/cursed with unique, mohawk-style fur.  Though not evident in the picture, Mohawk Bunny's fur is longer on the top and shorter on the sides.  He/she is sort of a mixture of personalities of the other bunnies.

BUNNY #5 - A.K.A. "Chunker".  The largest of the five bunnies, and the only one with blue eyes, Chunker was originally called "Holstein", because of the black and white coloration.  Perhaps the original nickname would have been appropriate for other reasons as well--namely this bunny's insatiable desire to eat large quantities of food, which eventually earned him/her the nickname, Chunker.

Well, there you have it.  Please take a moment to join in our totally pointless poll, by voting for your favorite/cutest bunny.  Keep in mind, the bunnies will not be reading the poll, so you will not be offending them.  I set the poll so that you can vote more than once--that way, each person in your family can vote once.


ismile4christ said...

Cooked rabbit does taste pretty good. I almost had the opportunity to witness a bunny butchering last night at our youth group bonfire/hayride. The owners are ready to eat it. The owners also didn't want anyone to pass out, so they said they'll schedule it at a later date.

I like live rabbits, too. They are cute. (I like animals a lot.)

TLW said...

We're catching up on your blog! Couldn't find the poll, so we're voting here. Anderson likes #3, Noelle likes #4, Micah likes #1, I like #2, and Gary isn't home at the moment! Anderson thinks Gary would pick #5, so all the bunnies get picked! ~Tonya