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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tanner Knievel

So yesterday Tanner decided it would be cool to try to ride his tricycle down the stairs in our back yard.  These aren't just your average stairs mind you.  They're quite steep and made out of hard, dense wood with sharp edges, and concrete at the bottom.  So how did it turn out?  Well, he sliced a nice 3/4 inch gap clean through the top side of his upper lip.  That section of lip was sort of hanging free and required stitches on the outside and the inside.  I'm thinking we could make this into the next verse on the veggie tales song about the lips--you know the one.  Well, o.k, maybe you don't, but I know Peter and Carrie know it. :)

Anyway, poor little Tanner has been taking it easy since then, unable to eat much food or talk, or give us his big toothy smile.  But the little guy is tougher than woodpecker lips!  He never cried even once (didn't even flinch for that matter) during the whole traumatic process at the local emergency room.  The doctor thought we drugged him, but he's always that way--tries hard not to cry.  Even when he's not feeling well he's cute, don't you think?

I would never have done something like that--trying to ride my tricycle down stairs--when I was a kid. :)  Where in the world does he get ideas like that from?  Mom, keep your comments to yourself. :)

Here's what he looked like just a few days ago, with that big, toothy smile BEFORE his big debut on the stunt scene.


Laura Lee said...


I wish I was that tough!


Laura Lee

Carrie said...

You betcha we know that song! In fact, I was reading this post out loud to Pedro and before I got to our names, he's nodding his head while I was reading the "next verse" part and saying, "Oh yeah..." :-) Poor Tanner...what a kid! Where DOES he get it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

He is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I think I was just melted by those big, brown eyes. Hope his mom survived the ordeal. Should have been a piece of cake for her. There was no snake involved. Get well soon, Big Guy!!! Melanie B.