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Friday, October 28, 2011

Don't Miss Joy's Talk

So apparently Joy's Friday night (Oct 28th) keynote talk at the Relevant 11 conference in PA is going to streamed live (video) on the internet here starting at 7:00pm EST.   (For us, here in Tarakan, that's on Saturday morning at 7:00am.)  If you go to the streaming video sight and there's nothing playing right now, scroll down to the bottom to see the "upcoming shows" where you'll see Joy's keynote listed.  There, you can sign up for a "reminder" if you want one.

Photo by Tripp Flythe
If you can't tune in live, then I'm sure she'd at least appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  Pray that the Lord would speak through her in a powerful way so that many would be encouraged and challenged.

Also, if you miss it live, but still want to hear it,  I think she'll be putting up a link to the audio recording on her blog when she gets a chance.


Thoughts for the day said...

It is so wonderful that she was asked to speak, I have been wanting to go to this conference for at least two years and will get there someday. Perhaps on our 40th anniversary on Nov 3rd (this year is 38) we have to save enough to fly there. Looking forward to hearing all the wonderful stories about relevant when it is all done and over and to meet Ann Voskamp would be a blessing too.

Jonathan and Amy Chin said...

Been praying for you at home and Joy as you're apart- that you would have the grace to single parent the kiddos and that she would be able to enjoy her time at the conference and be a blessing to the women there. Excited to hear her keynote, sorry I missed it last night!