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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Random Stuff

This week, on Wednesday, a bunch of local pastors and members of their congregations got together to pray for the people and city of Tarakan.  We were able to help them with their unique request to use our airplanes to overfly the city while praying.  Pictured below, some of the Indonesian church members and  a few of the pilots that were involved in the prayer flight.  

A view from my "office window".  Lately I've actually been flying a desk a lot more than a plane, as I'm filling in for our Kalimantan Program Manager while he's on furlough in the U.S.

Another load of much-needed supplies being delivered to Long Sule.  We're looking forward to getting a cargo pod installed on our Kodiak in the not so distant future, which will make this plane even more useful to the people we serve.

About 10 miles from the little, remote village of Long Top, dozens of squatters have taken up temporary residence on the spine ridge of a little mountain where gold has been found.  They're digging tunnels into the side of the hill, through the mud and into the rock to get at the gold that's inside the mountain.

A random grasshopper I spotted on the side of the strip one day while waiting for my passengers.

A beautiful lily pad flower, in a nasty, smelly swamp.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting "random stuff". Wow! How exemplary is that fly over for the express purpose of prayer.
The mountain top squatters photo reminds me of the "river gold rush" " we witnessed in Brazil. Different terrain-same objective.

The lily flower is awesome.


Linda said...

Dave--I love your blog--the photos and stories you share are so interesting. We had gold miners from Brazil who invaded Venezuela while we were there. They brought malaria to people who had never had it before and we lost whole villages while they gained wealth. I hope your miners don't cause too many problems there. Thank you for all you do!