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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Island Camping 3 of 3

Here's a few more things we saw.  Whereas all the things in the previous post were seen around the island of Maratua, all of the things in this post were seen around the island of Derawan.

A bunch of colorful clams or shell fish of some kind.

Lots of brilliantly blue starfish.

Brightly colored Christmas tree worms.

Lots of See turtles.

An astounding variety of fish of every kind and color.

I forget what this thing is called, but it looks like a cross between an alligator, a fish, and a grumpy old man.  Because of their superb camouflage, they don't think they need to move, so you can get really close to them.  It was about 2 feet long. 

All kinds of colorful coral.

And anemones.

This was one cantankerous fish.  And toothy!  And fairly big too!  It's some kind of big parrot fish, and they have really big teeth in the front to bite into coral.  It had a nest of some kind down on the bottom, about 20 feet below.  And I was so amused at how aggressively it was trying to protect it's turf, that I hung around and provoked it for probably a lot longer than I should have.  I guess that makes me a bully.  I didn't plan on messing with the nest, I just liked seeing how bold it was--it was totally ready to take me on, and actually came directly at me multiple times and even bit my fins.  So fun!

Another colorful clam or whatever it is.

And tons of other things that I didn't get pictures of.  Isn't God amazing to create such astounding beauty?


Jennifer said...

Love the pictures!

Curtis said...

The aggressive fish is a Titan Trigger. Gotta watch out with those. Some will attack more than you experienced. Luckily the ones I've seen diving were too busy wrecking the reef to care about me.

Just me said...


Absolutely worldclass photos.

Leaving is hard work, sad as well as exciting. I hope you and your family have such a great break before Uganda that much of the "sad" goes, and it's the "wonder" at the privilege you've had remains.

All the very best,
Ali in Switzerland