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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trekking With My Son -- The White Clouds Wilderness Adventure (Part 4)

Here's the final post from my trek with Hudson in the White Clouds Wilderness of Idaho. Below, a panorama from my iPhone, looking down on the Four Lakes Basin from the pass between there and Born Lakes.

I think I mentioned it before, but there was some smoke the first day, lingering on the edges of the mountains, coming in from a distant forest fire. We were concerned that it might wind up really obscuring our views. But in the end, it made for some dramatic skies the first evening, and after we crossed the first high pass, we left the smoke behind for the remainder of our time there, until the last evening when we made our way back out again.

Here's another shot from the first evening--the smoke lingering in from the West (left) while the blue skies persist to the East. This is the trail through Ants Basin, towards the Born Lakes. That mule deer we saw (that I showed you last post) was enjoying the green grass of this meadow, on the edge of those pines in the distance.

Here's a shot of the sun sinking through the smoke over Fourth of July Lake, on our last evening before leaving the White Clouds Wilderness.

The rest of the time we enjoyed views like this one below. This is a shot looking down from the 10,150' pass above Headwall Lake, Scoop Lake, and Hummock Lake, at the upper end of the Boulder Chain Lakes area.

Here's a shot looking down on Quiet Lake, as we were descending from the Four Lakes Basin.

This was the view form our tent, the first night when we camped at one of the Born Lakes.

And this is the following morning, another one of the Born Lakes reflecting the deep, brilliant blue of the sky.

Here's an iPhone panorama looking down on the Born Lakes region.

And here's a shot looking down on Emerald Lake, Rock Lake, and Glacier Lake, with the upper end of Cornice Lake just barely visible on the left. These lakes (of the Four Lake Basin) were absolutely unbelievable crystal clear.

This was the sunset we enjoyed on our last evening in the White Clouds Wilderness. We ate our dinner that night while sitting on a rock on the edge of this lake, watching the sky change colors as the temperature dropped. A deer came out of the woods and walked almost all the way up to us, before shying away only slightly. We watched her until it was almost completely dark, and then retired to our campfire.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed some of the photos and description of my trek with Hudson into the White Clouds Wilderness. It was an epic and wonderful adventure for us. We bonded and made memories that will last a lifetime.

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