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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

It's been a very, very busy first week back for me here in Indonesia. Without boring you about all the details, I'll just say that I've completed the necessary MAF and Indonesian requirements to be out there doing what I love again--serving the People of Northeast Kalimantan with the little red and white airplane.

It's been so fun to see friends in villages that I haven't seen for six months. They've been very excited to have me back as well, since we've been short-handed on the flight line for quite a while now.

And I'm loving the food as always! This is called nasi goreng (fried rice). There's a fried egg and hard boiled egg mixed in, as well as a few kerupuk (basically crispy fried air--or batter of some kind.) I could eat rice three times a day. I guess that makes me a weird American, but having grown up in Brazil, perhaps there's a good excuse. Anyway, I missed the good rice here while I was in America...although, I certainly enjoyed some of the other treats there that we can't get here.

So all that to say, it feels like home sweet home except for one big problem...I'm missing my wife and kids!!!

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Jakarta Rocks said...

Personally I hate having 3 meals a day of rice when I go to site and refuse to eat any of the plain stuff. But I do like the nasi goreng as I LOVE chilli - so anywhere that you get chilli for breakfast is pretty great in my books.

Just discovered your blog through a friends. Hoping you get to fly to where you live as it looks VERY north (I know how remote Muara Tewah and Sangatta are).

When are the kids coming back?