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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Happy Birthday Hudson!  On July 28th Hudson celebrated his sixth birthday!

As is our tradition, he got to pick what we ate for all three meals on his birthday--sticky buns for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch (well, we can't get "real" hot dogs here, but they're sort of like that), and fajitas for supper.  Joy worked hard to make it all happen!  He also got a "vacation" from his chores and got to choose something fun to do for the day in Tarakan.  So Joy and the kids went to the pool during the day and then we had a little party for him in the evening.  A few days later, on Friday night, Hudson had several of his Indonesian neighbor friends and MAF buddies over for a slumber party.  He had a blast!

Here's some of the hundreds of pounds of medicine I flew into Long Alango this week--just one of the many flights that helped many people throughout northeast Kalimantan.  On Wednesday, I had another medevac (one of quite a few this week) where the man had broken his neck.  This time it was a motorcycle accident!

A month or so ago I was asked to take "Petey" (a cartoon caricature of an MAF plane), along for a day of flying, and document it through photos for a Facebook campaign that MAF headquarters was doing.  A while back I posted one or two from that day, but without Petey.  I didn't want to spoil it.  So here's a few shots from that day where Petey is featured.  Below is a medical ministry team from one of the local churches in Tarakan  that I flew into Long Alango and later picked up in Long Pujungan.  Can you find Petey?

The local pastor in Long Alango.

A couple of the older ladies in Data Dian that often show up at the airstrip to help carry the "barang" or "stuff" back to the village.  You wouldn't guess it from the picture, but the one of the right is actually pretty funny and likes to crack up and pose for the camera.  Check out the number of rings she has hanging from her earlobes!

The people in the Apo Kayan region are known for doing intricate bead work.  All of the moms carry their babies on their back in wooden, basket-type things that are their equivalent of a baby backpack.  Each one is totally unique, having been made by the mom when she has her first baby.  Here's an example.

And of course, a few shots from my office window...

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Carrie said...

I can't believe Hudson is 6. Where does the time go...that's what I want to know! Give him hugs from us (tell him Peter's scared of frogs to jog his memory!) and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a bit late)!