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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Independence Day Indonesia!

Today, August 17th, is Indonesia's Independence day.  Normally, there would be a bunch of activities here in the various neighborhoods, but because of the Ramadan fasting, they've pretty much cancelled everything this year.  So we're simply enjoying a quiet day off.

As promised, here are a few shots from our walk through the water village on Sunday evening.

I cannot overemphasize how friendly the people are in this neighborhood...not unlike all the other neighborhoods in Tarakan.  In fact, they are always soooo glad to see us, that we wind up getting a sort of happy child-mob following us through the narrow walkways, with a loud buzzing sound of enthusiasm preceding and trailing us as moms and dads quickly prepare their kids to ikut (join or follow) the procession, and if they're "lucky" to get their picture taken.

Of course, it's not just the kids that want to have their picture taken.  Every picture on this post that involves people "posing" was the direct result of being asked "please take my picture."  They're hoping that the next time we come, we'll print out the pictures and give them a copy...which of course we will.

Isn't that just so precious?  Hudson and Baca.

The houses in this area are build over the bay using iron wood posts that are sunk into the muck.  They literally have everything they need right here in their village, from little gas stations, to carpenters, a mosque, a market, etc. etc.

And of course, many of these folks make their living from the sea.  If only this was a scratch and sniff photo, then you would truly begin to experience the ambiance. :)


Randy Alcorn said...

Great to see these pix, Dave. Fun to see Alan there with you and your friends.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave! Love the pictures. Since I'm doing projection at church, I'm able to snag them and be able to put them on background on some of the songs we're singing at Good Shepherd. It's pretty awesome that they're singing while looking at pictures from your area of the world and not even knowing it! Keep them coming. "Auntie" Kathy