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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Story Time

While I'm out buzzing around in the airplane and turning wrenches, Joy stays very busy here in the home, among other things, she home-schools the kids, prepares meals from scratch, keeps things clean and organized, and all the other things a great wife and mommy does in a third world country. She also enjoys being involved in several local ministries, one of which is "Story Time."

A while back, Joy and a few of the other MAF moms began having a story time every other week. Basically it's a great opportunity for some of our friends and neighbors to bring their children over to "learn" English from the Americans in a non-threatening environment. The group has been steadily growing over the past several months. It's not just an opportunity for them to learn English better, but also for the wives and kids to develop deeper relationships with our Indonesian friends. They have a lot of fun in the process.

Last week for the fun activity, they got to get crazy painting on a sheet in our back yard. Most things in the Indonesian schools here are very regimented--you must use this color, and you must make it look exactly like this, and so on and so forth. So Joy decided they should have the opportunity to get creative and crazy with the instructions, just go for it! They loved it!

In other news, the twins are into everything right now. This is Tanner. He's extremely mischievous, and can climb anything that doesn't climb him first. His latest trick is to pull his pack-n-play along the wall, until he gets it close to Tyler's crib. Then he arranges his pillow like a step, so that he can pull himself up onto the rim of his pack-n-play. Next, while teetering on the top rim of the pack-n-play, he pulls himself up and over the edge of his brother's crib with sheer arm strength, after which he awards himself by attacking his brother. What fun!

While Tanner is our little "jock," Tyler is all verbal. He's talking circles around Tanner, but not quite as far along in the athletic department. Right now he's in the "I'm a parrot" stage, where anything you say will be repeated back to you with laughs and giggles. He often seems like the underdog in the brotherly skirmishes that inevitably develop at this stage. However, more often than not, we winds out on top through pure determination and stubbornness. O.k., don't worry. It's not like we just let 'em go at it for fun, while taking notes and making psychological evaluations. It's just interesting and amusing to notice how completely different they are. But without a doubt, they are each others' best friends, and a tremendous blessing to our fam!


Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

I noticed there are never any comments on your blog, so my children and I thought we should leave one. We enjoy reading your blog (I have found it challenges my kids to think about missions.) Thank you for taking the time to post about your work it is a blessing!

The Hatzidakis Family

Jennifer said...

Enjoyed it as usual- thanks! :)

theda said...


I love your blog. I check it every day, so keep it coming.
I can visualize some of what you talk about--and show--obviously having been to some of the villages helps.
Obviously, I love the stories about Tanner and Tyler. They sound like a lot of fun!
I'm really proud of you. I appreciate your hard work as well as your great love for my daughter and grandchildren.

I love you.

theda said...

Hi Dave,

I LOVE your blog. It's beautiful, fun, and great to get the inside feel for what you do.

Back at the end of August, I'd loved the title "The View From My Office." I mention that phrase to Theda quite often as we talk about you and what the Lord is using you to do. Every time I hear about MAF [which is pretty often through Jonathan, a recent team going into Uganda, another team headed there soon, etc.] I tear up and say out loud "That's you Dave. That's you!" Thanks for hearing HIs voice and doing the ump-teen years of hard work and preparation. Way to go bro! Way to go!

The pig you transported -- yikes! If that thing got lose, oh baby, it wouldn't be pretty.

The story about the twins -- wow. The Lord has given you an amazing family.

Also, the thing that Joy and the other wives are doing to touch the children in the area is soooo cool.

When we get to speak to Joy and the children on Skype it's such a treat. The last couple of times Britton gave us a book report, Hannah read, and Hudson gave us the sounds of the early letters of the alphabet. We felt like we able to attend their school assembly. We loved it & it was fun to let them know how well we think they're doing.

Anyway, thanks for being God's man -- doing what He's called and gifted you to do. It's a great honor to have you as our son-in-law. You amaze me.


The Dot family said...

I bet Ella could take both of them at the same time! :)

Dave said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Tim & Kelly, you're right, I usually don't get to many comments. Looks like you started something. :) Always glad to hear that it's encouraging and challenging folks--especially kids.

Alan & Theda, thanks for the encouraging words! It means a lot. I'm so blessed to have Joy and the kids--all of whom love being here serving Christ! I can't imagine doing this without them! We're having a blast!

Sherrill said...
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