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Sunday, September 21, 2008

When Pigs Fly!

Ya, pigs were flying this week, that's for sure! Here's just a few of the "passengers" I flew between villages over the past couple of days. Oh, and just for the record, pigs do NOT like to fly--especially huge, fat, smelly pigs. It makes them mad!In addition to "bringing home the bacon" in the figurative sense, I also got to bring home a chicken--literally. After returning a young mother and her new baby to a remote village, I recieved several gifts of appreciation from the family, one of which was a live chicken. After waiting patiently for me to finish my flight schedule all day, (of course it's feet and wings were tied up and it was wrapped in a bag--so it didn't really have a choice,) then flying 130 miles back to Tarakan in the pod of the airplane, and then riding home in the pocket of my backpack (picture), Clucky the chicken apparently didn't see any reason to stick around her new home after being freed. She ate the rice kernels we gave her and then promptly flew away. Beware all you future chickens...we won't make that mistake again! Next time, straight from the jungle to the frying pan!!

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The Dot family said...

did you know we have chickens? i helped steve build a coop and we have four chickens that i'm responsible for. it's like living in a third world country.... sort of.