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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So Much For Smoky Season!

The weird weather continues. Just after I posted the news about smoky season last week, the skies opened up and poured. Usually we get all of our house water from rain that's collected from our roof. Last week was the first time since we've lived in Tarakan that we ran out of water. Here in town they have little trucks with water tanks on top, that will deliver water to your house for a small fee. Common, we live in the tropics and we're out of water?

Well, we broke down and bought some water. But, you know how it works in the U.S...if you get the snow blower out and ready, it won't snow. If you don't get it out, it'll probably be a blizzard. I guess the same goes for here. We ordered water--two tank fulls, and then it rained all that night, and we had a monstrous storm the next day. Everything was flooded!! Well, we take comfort in thinking that if we hadn't ordered the water trucks, the city of Tarakan would probably be planting cactus down the middle of main street instead of the current palm trees. That was a joke. We're not superstitious about our water supply--really! It's just funny that we paid for water, and then got flooded, don't you think?! :)

Above, is a picture of our MAF neighbor's back yard area, as the floodgates were opened from above. The water gushes out of the retaining wall and floods their back yard area whenever it rains hard. Below is a picture of the street below our house. I actually saw a few kids trying to tube down the road.

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Tripp said...

I love the new blog. I've tried using the MAF one too but end frustrated with it. I really like how you have the newsletters on here too...I didn't even know you could do that. I may just have to borrow that idea! I look forward to keeping up with the blog.