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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome PK-MAE!

For quite a few years, MAFers here in Tarakan have dreamed of having a larger plane, that could more adequately serve the needs of the interior community. Last year, with the costs of Avgas rising ever higher, our program began taking a more serious look at this possibility. This past spring, with authorization from our headquarters, a Cessna Grand Caravan was purchased in the U.S.

After stopping for some major modifications and fleet standardization items at our U.S. hanger, it was ferried across the Pacific Ocean to Papua, Indonesia over a month ago. Since then, our MAF teams in Papua and Jakarta have been busy working through the Indonesian importation process, and adding additional things to the aircraft to make it “Indonesian friendly.”

Finally, yesterday afternoon, we proudly welcomed the newest member of our fleet, PK-MAE (Papa Kilo Mike Alpha Echo.) It dwarfs our much smaller fleet of five Cessna 206’s, and seems to swallow up our little ramp. Many, many people throughout the interior have been very anxiously awaiting the arrival of this new, highly capable airplane. It will be used to service our larger airstrips where there tends to be higher passenger and cargo loads. The Caravan will not only be a blessing to the people we serve, but will also play a role in helping to offset the high costs of operating our fleet of very expensive-to-operate, Avgas-burning 206’s.

As Mike Alpha Echo rolled into the the MAF taxiway in Tarakan for the first time, there was a crowd of MAF folks, national employees, friends, and frequent users of MAF waiting to greet her. We took the opportunity to immediately thank the Lord for this new ministry tool, and dedicate it to His work and glory. Please join us in praising God for His provision, and praying for safety as it begins regular service next week.
(At left, a couple of our guys are checking out what's "under the hood.")


Sarah DeSalvo said...

Yay! It's so fun to see your pictures from the "other side." Dan said he had the opportunity to see the airplane in Sentani while it was there. It was nice to get to see Dave H. up here in Wamena for a few days! Hope the airplane is all you hoped it would be =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us your life. It is amazing. I pray for you often!

theda said...

That's so awesome. Will you be flying it?

There are 3 deer lying outside the glass doors right now. They're taking a siesta.

Believe it or not, Alan and I went on a canoe ride down the Deschutes River today. It was lots of fun.

Next year, maybe we can do it again--with the older kids.

Anonymous said...

That's a big plane. Glad to see that it made it safely. Thanks for the updates.

theda said...

Wow Dave -- the new plane. How exciting.

Seeing the photo of everyone joining hands and circling around the plane in prayer and dedication before the Lord -- is very, very touching. What an honorable and sacred thing the Lord has called you and your friends to.

Truly amazing. Thanks for sharing the photos and the update.


Sherrill said...

Hi Dave.

What a blessing your blog is to my family and me; thank you for taking the time to share what the Lord is doing through you and your family as you minister to the people in Indonesia.

Congratulations on receiving the new plane. The photo of friends and family surrounding the plane to pray is a powerful testimony. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Blessing to you, Joy and the children.

Prayer partners in Ohio – Mark and Sherrill

Steve and Laura said...


Anonymous said...

That is very exciting news. I'm sure the plane will serve many people over the next many years. God bless.

Dave Downing said...

Congrats on a fantastic work horse.
I will add Mike Alpha Echo to my prayer list.

Tripp said...

I was in Nampa when they bought and flew it up from Texas. That's going to be fun seeing it again on the other side of the world! Who are the Caravan drivers going to be?

hondacubber said...

Thanks for the update and pictures! Keep'em coming.
Tuhan memberkati, Eric