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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Forney Flyer - August 2014

Here's our latest Forney Flyer news letter hot off the press.  If you typically get our prayer letters via e-mail, you should have already received this a few days ago.  If you're on our hardcopy mailing list instead, then it should arrive in the mail sometime in the next week or so.

If you'd like to view a pdf copy of this letter, go here.  To see a few of our previous Forney Flyer letters, or if you're interested in joining our ministry team, please go to our MAF staff webpage here.

You'll notice in the blue section of the front page, that I mentioned the issue with my Ugandan pilot's license.  My temporary license has indeed now expired, which means I'm grounded indefinitely.  The process to get a permanent conversion pilot license here is proving to be a bit frustrating and lengthy.  It will likely be quite some time before I'm able to work through the process and begin flying again.  I appreciate your prayers that things could fall into place as efficiently as possible.

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