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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Set Free!

Well, I've finally been set free in the Kodiak! :)  

Here's a few shots from the past week or so of flying in the Kodiak.  It's a little grainy, b/c it's from my point and shoot, but a nice rainbow appeared over the massive axe-head cliffs jutting out of the jungles north of Mahak Baru.

Dropping off a load of sugar and gas for the village of Binuang.

Over the past week and a half I've flown quite a few flights for the new Bupati (regional government official) as he goes around to each village thanking them for their support and assessing the needs and wants of each village.  It was pretty muddy in the turn-around area at the top of the Data Dian airstrip when I went in to pick up a group of people for the Bupati on Friday.

Actually it's more like clay, and it sticks to your tires and shoes and everything it touches!

The newly elected Bupati (in black) with some of his entourage.  Third one over from the left is fellow MAF pilot, Paul College, who was riding along with me that day as an "observer pilot" during the final phase of my checkout before I was "set free" to fly on my own.

Saturday was my first "solo" day.  The weather was gorgeous!  I flew nearly 800 nautical miles to eight different locations, carrying 23 passengers and about 2,300 pounds of supplies.  It's hard to imagine how much time and blood and sweat this saved the people that were served!

I'm thrilled to be fully-operational now in the Kodiak, and look forward to giving you many updates in the future as to how it's being used here to bless the people of Northeast Kalimantan!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brothers & Bunnies

Here's a few shots from the front yard on Sunday afternoon.  Tyler (left) and Tanner (right).  Though twins, these brothers couldn't be more different.  Their personalities are totally opposite.  

This shot captures Tyler with one of his best friends--that is, anything that is a weapon, or can be made into a weapon.  I don't know why or where he got it from, but he has a total fascination with weapons of every kind.  I know most boys like weapons, but this is beyond the "norm".  He literally does not like to be without a "weapon" from the time we wakes until he goes to bed...actually, he likes try to smuggle a weapon or two into bed as well, but we try to intercept those. 

Tanner on the other hand doesn't care that much about weapons.  He's way more into tools and working on stuff.  Again, this picture captured him in a candid, stoic stance.  In truth, he's almost always laughing or smiling, very jovial and fun.

And speaking of fun, our rabbit had bunnies a few weeks ago.  Four bunnies were born.  One was DOA.  Here's a picture of the surviving three, quite plump and fuzzy.

And a random flower in Joy's flower pot.

And another random picture of the house church that takes place in our home every other Sunday with some of our co-workers.  It's a nice opportunity to worship in English, and to have an English Sunday school class for the kiddos.  The guys take turns leading the adult time.

Kodiak is in for an inspection this week so I'm working on that.  Hopefully next week I'll be nearing the end of my initial Kodiak checkout here in Tarakan.  More on that later.