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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random Shots

Here's some random shots giving you a small peak into who and what I fly on a regular basis.  Below, a bunch of food and building supplies being unloaded in the village of Data Dian.

More people and supplies being unloaded--the people often rely on MAF for all but the most basic of things which they get from the jungle.  

A body being unloaded in Long Bawan.  It's very important to the people here to bury their loved ones in their home village.  This one was unusual in that there was an actual coffin.  Normally, bodies are just wrapped in sheets and plastic--and are time-critical, since embalming is not usually an option.

A famous Indnoesian TV personality joined me for a flight interior where he was doing a story for his weekly show.  Seemed that there wasn't a single person who didn't know who he was...except for me. :-)

Unloading drums of gasoline in Binuang.  Most villages rely totally on MAF to get their much-needed gasoline for small boat motors, rice machines, grass trimmers (if they have them) etc.

As is often the case, school kids came running out of the school to watch the plane come and go.  As soon as the plane leaves, they usually all go back to school again.

I do a lot of medevacs!  All of the MAF pilots here do.  I've had a wide variety of critical medevacs over the past few months, and most of them would have had no other option for help if not for MAF!

In this case I was flying school kids out of the village to attend school in the city.  Most villages only have limited schooling, up through elementary or Junior High at most.  After that, if a kid wants to keep going to school, they must leave and go to the city.

I could post hundreds of unique photos, all showing a different aspect of our flying here.  The point is, we play an integral part in the lives of the people of East Kalimantan, and we do it all in the name of Jesus!  And I'm so glad to have a small part in that!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Critters We Saw (2 of 2)

And here's a few more of the critters we saw.  Keep in mind, there were many, may more...but I don't want to bore you to death with insect pictures.  I just think it's amazing what beauty and mystery is hidden in the "micro world" if you only take the time to stop and look.  Isn't our Creator amazing? 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Critters we Saw (1 of 2)

Before I forget, I wanted to show you some of the little critters that Britton and I saw while we were on our jungle trek.  Remember how we got stuck in Long Jelet for two days because the river was too high?  Well, we had a lot of time to wander around, and here's some of what we saw.

I find it amazing that all of this (and much more!) is living in the bushes and grass all around, and we normally walk right by without even seeing it.  You just have to slow down and be intentional and suddenly a whole new amazing world is opened up before you!  Isn't God amazing?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random Shots

I've been a little slack lately in getting out timely blog updates.  We're quite short on pilots for quite a spell now, and I've been flying a ton and had very little time to catch up with stuff like this.  But here's some quick and random shots. 

During January and February I did literally dozens of medevac flights.  Many of the people that were flown to the hospital would have died if not for the airplane.  Each day, as people expressed their deep gratitude for the life-saving help of MAF, I was reminded of how many people are involved in making this possible.  Thank you for your prayers, ministry support, and encouragement on behalf of us and our ministry with MAF.  We're deeply grateful!  Many people are blessed as a result, and get to experience first-hand the love of Christ in very tangible ways!  And we're so glad to be a small part of that!