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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Long Alango

The most recent overnight village trip I took part in was to the village of Long Alango. I went along with the Holstens, our good friends and MAF neighbors. The people of Alango were SOOOOO kind and generous! It was a humbling experience. We went there in the hopes of encouraging and ministering to them. I’m not sure if we succeeded, but I know they were sure an encouragement to us!

The Holstens led various games, songs, and activities for the kids. There were tons of kids and they had a blast during the outdoor Sunday School!! In the evening we had a church service. People came from all the small surrounding villages. David Holsten shared about the ministry of MAF, and then I introduced and showed the “End of the Spear” movie. It’s a lot of work to bring all the equipment into a village to show a film, but it’s always worth it. The people were again captivated and deeply moved by the film. And like usual, we had lot’s of time to hang around and visit with folks.

Pastor Yahyah and his wife (at right) were extremely generous hosts. They’ve been ministering here in Alango for many years, and have a special relationship with MAF. We really appreciate Indonesian pastors and their families, for the sacrifices they make to minister to the people in these interior villages. On Saturday, we were able to take a little excursion to a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) research station that’s not far from Alango, but situated deep in beautiful, untouched, primitive rainforest! (Picture below.) It was a great little boat ride and hike. Someday I’d like to return and spend the night with my boy(s).

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