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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Working With My Boys!

Today, Saturday, was a good day! I got to do some work with my buddies, Britton and Hudson. For several weeks now we've been planning to do some work around the house, but it's just been to busy. Finally we got a day where I wasn't working, didn't get called in for a medical flight, and we didn't have torrential downpours.

So first we transplanted some flowering bushes into the front flower bed for mom (that's Joy I'm referring to, not my mom.) Then we fixed the shower head that broke off two weeks ago. And finally we we worked on the stairs in the back yard. The stairs go up to the College's house first, and then continue on up to the Holsten's house (both good friends and MAF co-workers.)

Well, these stairs are quite steep and high, and each step has a gap in between that is just open to the concrete far below. It's a bit scary going up and down for the kids and for everyone when it's slick. But to make matters worse, the twins recently discovered how to climb up onto the stairs by coming up from underneath and going through these gaps in the first couple steps. NOT GOOD! We have a gate at the bottom, but apparently that wasn't going to cut it.

So my boys and I got some ruff-cut lumber and went to work closing in the stairs. It's always fun to have a project to work on with my boys!

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Jennifer said...

Dave, Thanks for the pictures! I love seeing the fam. The backyard is looking good. :)