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Monday, October 6, 2008

Recent Views From My Office Window

Isn't God amazing?! These are just a few of the recent views from my office window.
Below are two shots of the shrimp farms that surround the island of Tarakan. Shrimp are one of the few major exports from Tarakan.
I love waterfalls, and we have some really SWEET ones in Borneo!! I'm convinced that many of these have probably never been touched by human hands or feet. They are literally out in the middle of nowhere. I took all three of the pictures below in a two-minute time frame, while passing over the top of one of our very prominent, huge, rugged mountains. I'm guessing that maybe a dozen waterfalls speckle this massive mountain, especially after a recent rain. Look closely to see how many you can find in the shots, and then imagine what they look like in "high-def" as you seemingly float overhead at 8,000 ft. Wow!


theda said...

unbelievable. It's so beautiful and green. You'd never know what lurks below.

Jennifer said...

Wow! - really - your view is almost as good as the dirt pit and bulldozers outside my window....almost. ;) Seriously - I'm glad you don't take it for granted. :) It really is stunning. At least your pictures make the inside of my classroom beautiful. :)

Tripp said...

Looks like a great place to lose an engine!

Steve and Laura said...

The second and sixth pictures from the top would be awesome places for landing.

Dave said...

Ya Steve, for you float plane boys, those two pics probably look like super-highway landing zones. But for a guy of your skill, what's wrong with trying to put it down in a place like the river at Nawang? I'm with Tripp on this one. Doesn't look like a fun place to lose an engine.

Anonymous said...

What awesome scenery. People pay lots to go long distances for those "views" and they are "views from your office" Great job at capturing the breath taking beauty and sharing it with us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

When you were 13 and just getting excited about taking pictures I never dreamed how useful your love of photography would be in the future. I'm so glad dad took the time to teach you. Your pictures give us a wonderful view of your life in Indonesia. They are sooo good! I opened up the new MAF calendar tonight and sure enough, there was your photo on the Kalimantan, Indonesia page. It looked so familiar. So do the beautiful pictures you posted from your week of flying. I'm so glad I got to spend the day flying with you this past summer. It is a day I will remember forever. Thanks for a wonderful experience.