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Monday, April 19, 2010

Pulau Derawan

This week our entire MAF Tarakan and Palangkaraya teams are meeting in Balikpapan for our annual Kalimantan staff conference. This is always a wonderful time of spiritual encouragement and team-building, and something we all look forward to very much. But since I don't have any pictures of conference yet, I figured I'd show you a few shots from a trip that Britton and I took to Pulau (Island) Derawan a few weeks ago.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know by now that our home island in Indonesia, Tarakan, is not exactly a "paradise" type of island...unless you consider muddy water and mangrove swamps paradise. However, a few hours boat ride from here are a couple of gorgeous islands that offer a cheap and fun weekend get-a-way.

A few times per year, a group of us MAFers get together and rent a boat to Derawan. Britton and I love to snorkel, and we hope one of these days to succeed in getting Joy and the other kids to come along. As usual, I spent a few hours walking around the little fishing village on the island. The people are so very friendly, and always want to visit and have their picture taken. Next time I go back I'll bring them printed copies of their pictures, which will absolutely thrill them! Here's a few of the dear folks that call Derawan Island their home.

Sometime when I get a chance, I'll post a few underwater pics as well. I know there's a bunch of kids out there that like to see "critter shots", and we got some good ones again. So keep checking back for those!


Unknown said...

Joy & Dave - Have a great refreshing time at the staff confercence. Take lots of pics for us...we know you will - Lew

Unknown said...

I forgot to mention...I'm so jealous of you and Britton getting to go snorkeling. One of my favorite things to do on the west end of Java with my brothers, sisters and Dad many moons ago. Enjoy it for me!
If you read this note while at the staff conference. Tell ole man Hopkins "Happy Birthday" for us...birth date is April 19. Can't remember how old he is now!?!?


Carrie said...

On all of our travels...our trip with you was the best! :-) We still talk about Jellyfish Lake and all the amazing sights. I could have sat on that beach all day and just enjoyed the beauty of the ocean. Fun memories! :-)

Laura Lee said...

Wow. Those are some fantastic photos. I *love* the black and white one of the young lady! Brilliant!

In Him,


Rakel said... are an unblievable enjoy your pictures....have fun at the conference...

Unknown said...

Dear Dave and Jo and family, Your mom sent a lot of of informtion to us after she telephoned us. We enjoyed all of the fotos and script. I was able to get down this far. I, george had a heart attack lst week of Dec. but am doing ok. The Heart DR. was able to open one plugged arterie, but couldn't get the other one open. I am on about 7 different pills twice a day for various things. I don't know what some of them are for, but they are helping me. The lst time on treadmill I couldn't walk for 10 min. before I began to get chest pain. Now I can go an hour with out chest pain for which I praise the Lord. I have written down your blog addresses so maybe I can find you again. With Love to all. George and Jeanne Insley

Jennifer said...

I still have your underwater pics posted in my room. Loved that place. Have a good conference. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures...what beautiful people they are. they photograph wonderfully!