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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jungle Trek 2010 (Part 3)

Here's a few more shots from the middle of our seven days in the jungle.

This was a crazy looking little frog!

And this little furry friend is quite poisonous according to our guides. We kept finding him crawling up our socks while we were taking a break in a clearing. So finally we figured maybe he just wanted to be photographed.

And this is where we were taking a quick "breather" when the frog and caterpillar showed up.

Check out the size of this tree! Yeah, it's all one tree--these are basically shoots or roots from the one giant tree. From left to right: Paul, Andris, Me, Daud, Dan.

Here's a better look at the same tree. About 50 feet up the separate "trunks" began to join together and even higher still they became one. It was hundreds of feet tall, branching out over the top of the jungle canopy out of sight.

Yeah, we were starting to suffer the effects of day after day of hiking--cuts, leech wounds, etc. That's my nasty foot. But hey, we were just glad that we weren't fighting infections and knee and back problems like last time. All in all we faired pretty well considering.

And it wasn't all ugly. There were lots of flowers, orchids etc. But again, I wasn't able to get photos of most of them.

There's one more post to go related to our trek. There will be some pics of a few strange little animals in that last post, so check back in a few days.


Maylan said...

Oh my, those trees are amazing. We enjoy your pictures. Thanks.

Alan said...


These reports and photos are amazing. The mental toughness and sense of adventure that the Lord has put in you is stuning. Wow.