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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Studying in Spokane

Obviously this is not a picture from Indonesia!  The past two weeks have seen me studying at STC (Spokane Turbine Center) to learn all about the Quest Kodiak aircraft.  The first week was specifically about the PT6A Turbine engine that the Kodiak uses.  It was an intense week of learning--like drinking from a fire hose of small turbine engine theory, line maintenance, and operation.  Unfortunately, the temperatures were also intensely COLD!  We did several run-ups on the engine stand outside, where the temperature was about 7 degrees, and the windchill was...well, VERY COLD!!!  But the training was excellent and well worth it, despite the frigid temps. 

The second week we dove head-first into aircraft systems classes as well as specific classes on the Garmin G-1000 integrated avionics system that's found in the Kodiak.  For someone who's never flown a glass panel aircraft, this is like learning a whole new technical language and culture.  I don't typically think of myself as an "old-school" pilot, but technology has dramatically advanced the look and feel of modern-day aircraft cockpits and the Kodiak is a great example.  If you know how to operate this stuff--which buttons to push and when, how to read some of the new styles of instruments, etc., the glass panels can be an awesome tool!  Of course, if you don't know what you're doing you can quickly get overwhelmed by all of the digital beauty, hence the reason for the in-depth classes.  STC has awesome classrooms for both flight and maintenance training.  This is the G-1000 classroom, with each desk sporting a two-panel G-1000 simulator so that each student can practice in real-time as the instructor demonstrates the maneuvers or processes on the large screens at the front.

I've also been flying the full-motion AATD Kodiak, which is an actual Kodiak cockpit that has been made into a 3-axis-motion "simulator."  That is an intense and challenging but rewarding experience!  On Friday we flew up to the Quest Aircraft Company just north of here in beautiful Sandpoint, ID (below).  It was great to be able to see first-hand where and how these planes are made and to meet some of the great folks that have a hand in creating each new Kodiak.

Today (Saturday) I spent the morning flying the AATD again (below I'm on short final into LAX - Los Angeles International Airport at dawn) with my roommate David Garcia.  The AATD can be placed anywhere in the world, so I also did some flying and an instrument approach into my home airport in Tarakan, Indonesia.  Only wish I could have landed and seen my wife and kids as I obviously miss them a bunch! (Photo below taken by David Garcia)

Well, this week will continue to be busy as I finish up training here at STC with multiple flights in the simulator, no doubt getting the opportunity to deal with every conceivable type of emergency that a pilot hopes to never face in real life!  At the end of the week I'll be flying to PA for a few brief days before returning to Indonesia.

On Sunday morning, March 13th, I'll be sharing at Greencastle Calvary Bible Church at 10:50am in the multipurpose room.  There will be coffee and doughnuts served prior to that at 10:15.  I'd love to see you there if you're able to make it.  For additional information or directions, feel free to e-mail me, contact my parents, or the church.


Tripp said...

You need to do a split-S or barrel roll in that sim so you can show everyone here what the Kodiak can really do!
Your kids came over for dinner tonight and we played hide and seek outside afterwards. Tyler found a toy knife in Ella's kitchen 5 minutes after he got here and carried it around the rest of the night. That kid loves weapons!

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you Dave and pray for you and your family during this time of separation.

Dave said...

Tripp, I'm just doing good not to lose my cookies in that sim, let alone pulling a split-S or barrel roll. :) But give me half a chance in the real deal, and then we'll see... :) Good to hear about my kiddos. Sure miss 'em, AND Joy!

Thanks Rakel for your kind words and prayers. Sure appreciate you guys!

Unknown said...

Very neat to hear about the Kodiak training, I'm doing the maintenance side of it in June/July so it's nice to see a few pic's of what is in store. Thanks for the post!

Brenda Gale Thompson said...

I agree with Rakel. Lord bless and protect you and your family during this time away. May you walk in greater favor with God and man in Jesus' name. Amen!

Ricky and Heather said...

I was out there a couple weeks before you and we did the run-ups in the mid thirties. With all that wind created by the prop I thought I was about to turn into an ice cube. I can't imagine doing them at 7 degrees!!