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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yellowstone 3

As I mentioned, we really enjoyed just soaking in the beauty of God's creation in Yellowstone.  This is the best kind of soul medicine in my opinion--just being out in nature.  When I see and experience scenes like this, I can't help but be in awe of the God that created them!

The sunsets were particularly amazing!

Each evening the sky was painted differently.  Here are two pictures taken in the same valley on two different evenings.  You can see the same lake and trees in both.

And the nights were equally amazing.  Here's a shot of the moon that I took one evening after we finished watching a black bear wandering around, and the sun had set.

And this was a shot looking up at the Milky Way galaxy above our campfire-lit campsite.  I spent much of each evening, after the kids and Joy went to sleep, sitting outside by myself, looking straight up into the heavens with my mouth wide open in awe, shivering uncontrollably but unable to move.

Check back soon for a passing peak at the Grand Tetons as well as some awesome scenery in Utah.


Just me said...


Unbelievable photos. Try submitting to National Geographic; your photos (and the stories behind) are of that quality.

Best wishes for a fun start for all of you into Africa, whenever that is,
Ali in Switzerland

Leanna said...

Your photos are stunning! You capture God's creation so beautifully!

I love keeping up with your family (found originally through your wife's blog). Praying for ya'll as you transition to Uganda!