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Monday, March 10, 2014

Critters 2

Here it is, "Critters 2", the sequel to the original "Critters" video that many of you saw after our first four years in Indonesia.  This is a faster, crazier, weirder version, that's a lot of fun for both kids and adults alike.  It's not fun if you don't dig slithery, creepy-crawly, biting, stinging, chomping, poisonous critters.  This little video captures, in high definition, some of the critters we encountered during our past four years in Indonesia.  If you can't handle the photo below, of Britt w/ all the snakes, (a still grabbed from the video) then you probably won't want to watch the whole thing.  

However, if you like what you see here, check out the moving version below.  It's much better!

Or, here's the direct link to the "Critters 2" video on YouTube:  Critters 2 - YouTube .  Enjoy!

And a big thank you to Eric Heatherly for permission to use the song "Down by the Bay" from the album, Country Goes Raffi.

1 comment:

Just me said...

Dave, absolutely brilliant. Now, how do we get this one to go viral, National Geographic to pick it up, and then you getting on staff? :-)

Absolutely fantastic stuff - and what a childhood you're giving your kids!

Best wishes from the alps,
Ali (Australian - can deal with the critters!)