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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We made it--home sweet home!  Uganda.  Here's an iPhone shot right out our bedroom window this morning.  The African sunrises are amazing, and many nights we're treated to spectacular lighting shows as well.  We're blessed with a great view and a beautiful, big, grassy yard here, with lots of song birds and butterflies everywhere.

Thanks for your prayers for our travels.  Everything went well, and all our bags arrived with us. :-)   A few of our duffels were torn pretty good from who knows what, but the contents were all in-tact. We were greeted on this end by a great MAF team who've all gone the extra mile to make our transition as seamless as possible.  We feel loved and blessed in so many ways!

Of course, there's SO much to learn, and we often feel like we're drinking from a fire hose as we try learn everything about life here.   Like the roads for example.  As we took the kids to school for their first day, we had to help a few cars get un-stuck on the road just below our house.  We're extremely grateful that our friends, the Rogers, have allowed us to borrow their vehicle for a month or two until they get back from home assignment.  In the meantime, we're going to have to find and buy a used, 4WD vehicle of our own.  We appreciate your prayers in this regard--a good, old, 4WD vehicle is very expensive here, and we trust that God will provide just the right one for us in His timing.  (Incidentally, this was the "good" road compared to several other options that are steeper and much more deeply rutted.)

The people are beautiful here, and so friendly.  In time, I'm sure I'll have some great photos to share with you, both of the people and everything else.  However, I haven't even had a chance to get out my cameras (other than the phone) yet, as things have been just so busy.

Britton and Hannah started school on this past Monday and love it.  The other three start this coming Monday.  They've all been making friends and seem to feel at home already.  Joy is learning where to shop and how to navigate the roads and figuring out how to keep the home going and also making friends.  I started work at MAF, and will be taking a validation exam on Monday at the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to hopefully get a temporary 3-month permission to fly based on my U.S. license until I can complete the rest of the process to get a Ugandan license.  Pray that I pass. :-)

More next week.  Now I'm off to study for the exam.  Thanks for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

It is great to hear that you have arrived and are getting settled. Glad the friendships are forming for all. I miss those kiddos at recess, but know that it is God's plan for you to be experiencing Africa and serving Him while you are there. Much Oregon love, Melanie B.

Just me said...

Hey, great to see you've all arrived in your new land - can't wait for the updates and pictures and stories of Ugandan life. What a great adventure!

Sean Cannon said...

So cool to see you guys in an African context. Praying for you all as you settle in and adjust. Can't wait to see more pics!

Sandy said...

Wonderful! So glad to hear you have made it there and are settling in.
Your beautiful skies and spacious yard seem to be one of those things God realised meant so much to you...especially after the time you had in the Park.

We will keep praying for you. I was before, but our church - where my husband is Pastor - has been praying since you went to the Philippines. We are very small, but God gave through us to give to help the people you worked with there.
So, I will give them your update tomorrow.
God Bless,
Sandy Snowden
and Community Baptist Church, Birch Hill, Bracknell

Janet said...

So nice to hear your cheery report. :)

Unknown said...

So happy that you were able to get settled in and that the kids love their school!
Alexa E. Good Shepherd Church