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Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Few Shots From the Ugandan Archives

Did you know that we are the only U.S. family on our MAF Uganda team?  There is another U.S. couple who are based here (they are actually in the U.S. right now on home assignment, but will be back in a month or so,) but they are assigned to the MAF East DRC program, and they oversee the maintenance of the MAF Congo planes, which are brought over here to Uganda for inspections and maintenance. All that to say, since we're the only U.S. family on our team, holidays that are strictly American (like July 4th, Thanksgiving, etc.) are not celebrated by our team... well, not unless we invite them all over! :-)

So, the Saturday after U.S. Thanksgiving, we invited the entire MAF team, plus our friends from Every Village, and a few others, here to our home for a Thanksgiving meal. Joy did a LOT of work to prepare for the event. We had some volunteers who helped with the setup and tear down. We have some good Canadian friends on our team here, and Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving, although a bit earlier than the U.S. So we called it a combined U.S.-Canadian Thanksgiving, with all of our other friends from around the world giving it a nice international flare. I guess you could call it a World Thanksgiving. :-)

Everyone brought plenty of food to share, and it was great fun. Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you a picture (if you missed it go here and scroll to the last picture in the post) of when we hosted our team for Guy Fawkes Day? Well, as I said in that post, with an international team like we have here, we get to help celebrate holidays from each other's 'home' countries. So this was our turn. Who knows, maybe it will become a new tradition for the MAF team in Uganda?

And now, a few shots from my Uganda photo archives. The previous posts, which featured some shots from my Kalimantan archives, showed photos which had all been previously posted here in the distant past. However, all of these photos, although from the past, have not been previously posted on my blog.


Just me said...

You know I love every post Dave :-). The photos are so lush, your work so meaningful, your flying so cool. And you keep your family important throughout it all. Well done man.


Dave said...

Thanks Ali. Much appreciated! :-)

Seaswillroar704 said...

cannot express enough how happy I am that I found your blog! all around stunning, pictures, people, your words. Breathtaking pictures, very cool to see from a Pilot who isn't in PNG as most seem to be (or at least the ones who are documenting it?) (: