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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh Rats!

A few weeks ago we decided to start paying Britton 10,000 Rupiah (that's about $1.00) for every shrew he catches and 20,000 Rupiah (about $2.00) for every rat he catches.  It's like a win-win for us.  He certainly has the energy and drive to set lots of traps, which will help cut down on the ever-plentiful rodent population.  AND, the small ones that he catches in live traps can be fed to his reticulated python, which means we don't have to buy a baby chicken every week.  So you see, it's a great solution!

He's been catching several a week, but this week he caught the big one that's been out-smarting us for weeks.  He (and JOY!) were pretty happy about that!

Here's a few shots from my office window this past week, which happened to be the Kodiak.  Not a bad view hugh?

And one more plug for my beautiful wife's new blog, Grace Full Mama.  It's obviously geared towards women and specifically moms, but I gotta tell ya, there's a lot of good stuff in there for the rest of us too!

I'm so proud of Joy for stepping out and starting up her new blog.  It obviously takes a lot of time and energy, but she's very disciplined to only work on it during specific times she's set aside for that.  I feel like the Lord has given her many wise insights and experiences to share, and I think many women are being blessed, encouraged and challenged through her blog.


Janet said...

What an inspirational photo! Britton and the success of his "home business," that is. :)

Anonymous said...

Ewww! Nicely done Britton. And yes, Joy is very gifted. I am so grateful that she once again is posting. What I like about the blog is that she's not just touching the lives of people in Indonesia, but all over the world. : )

Kathy P