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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Idul Adha (Part 2)

Here's a few more shots from Idul Adha on Sunday here in Tarakan.

As I said before, everyone was very friendly as usual.  After prayers I was swarmed by a bunch of kids, many of whom wanted their pictures taken.  In this case they begged to have their picture taken with me.

Shortly thereafter a guy who'd just finished prayers walked up to me and began asking some questions.  Turns out that he is a photographer in town here and was curious what I was up to and why.  He invited me to follow him back to his home and studio to drink coffee and chat a while.  So for the next hour or so I sat with Pak Tony and had a great visit over a cup of coffee as we talked about photos and people and Tarakan and America and many other things.  I'm sure it won't be the last time Tony and I get a chance to hang out over coffee and cameras.

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Arielle said...

White seems to be a popular color - does it indicate level of status, spiritual piety, or is it just what is most easy to come up with? Or something else entirely?