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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nature Scavenger Hunt

As I said before, there was a scavenger hunt to look for insects, and the kids found an amazing variety of  things.  

Heres some of what they found.  

Gecko egg in a hole in a tree.

Jumping spider, no bigger than a large pea.

Strang critter that looked sort of like a moth, but acted like a grasshopper.


zanetta said...

God's detail in creation amazes me and near leaves me speechless. THe photos are wonderful, giving us a glimpse into another world so far from our own. I know the children had a great time on the hunt.

Rosalinda Hone said...

My, those kids have good eyes! The photos show how they took the activity by heart. The strang critter was incredible. :D It takes really good observation skills to spot an insect that’s trying to hide itself through camouflage, and sometimes, excellent teamwork. What was the prize they got, by the way?