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Saturday, March 24, 2012

English Club in the Big Outdoors

Joy has been involved in teaching English to kids in one of the neighborhoods in town.  Recently, some of the leaders in the community there asked if some of the MAF wives could help them put on an event they were doing for their kids, with an outdoors emphasis.  They wanted to work in the English aspect to the whole thing.

So Joy and a few other MAF wives and their husbands, got together and came up with a bunch of songs, games, and other activities, that they could do with the kids--all with an outdoors or nature emphasis. We went to a park in town that has some nice woodsy-type areas next to some jungle.

It was a great opportunity to further help the local community while strengthening friendships and relationships.  The kids had a blast!

One of the things they did was a scavenger hunt for various insects and nature things.  Of course, the names of the insects were in English, with an accompanying picture.  Check back soon to see a few of the many things that the kids found, all within a few hundred feet of their starting points, and within the span of no more than 15 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

How fun!!! Kathy P