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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Underwater World (2 of 2)

I wish I had an underwater case for my good DSLR, along with some good lighting options.  But those are crazy expensive and well beyond my reach!  So it always proves to be a significant challenge and frustration to capture even a small glimpse into the magnificent beauty of God's creation underwater.

Above the glistening surface of this often unseen water world, a boy glides almost effortlessly towards home, his catch secured in the bottom of the home made canoe.

Below the surface, things are never so "quiet".  The water teems with life!  It's constantly changing--the color of the water, the shapes, the fish, everything is in motion.  It's overwhelming at times just to try and take it all in, let alone trying to capture it in freeze frames.  But use your imagination and you can hopefully picture the symphony of life that we got to see this time around.


Anonymous said...


The Lady of the Holler said...

Gorgeous photos, Dave!

Irvan said...

awesome pics!!! i always wanted to take underwater pics like this. got panasonic point and shoot underwater camera, but turned very bad. :(

Kara Chupp said...

amazing photos...our kiddos really enjoyed them. Thank you.

ismile4christ said...

Many of these pictures look 3D! Our King is awesome! And He's given you amazing talent and ability for capturing His Creation in photos. Thanks for sharing.