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Monday, April 15, 2013

More Random Shots

Here's some more recent random shots.  Our newest Kodiak, PK-MEF at the top of the strip in Data Dian.

It gets nice and muddy there after a rain!

Unloading a bunch of supplies including pipe for a village water project, chainsaws, grass trimmers, and a bunch of toilets.  Who said being a missionary pilot was glamorous?

A medevac flight with two boys who had a bad bicycle accident (they were on the same bike).  The one who's asleep in the seat only had surface injuries.  But the one laying on the floor in the middle of the plane, being attended to by his mom, well he had his achilles tendon cut clean through by the wheel or spokes--a pretty serious injury by any standard.  Without MAF flying him to the hospital, he would have had no hope of ever walking on that foot again.  As it turns out, they were able to re-attach the tendon in a lengthy surgery, and hopefully he'll make a good recovery.

Delivering much-needed rice to the village of Long Sule.

Loading up a VERY HEAVY generator for a flight to Long Ampung.   The "mesin lampu" (light machine) will provide electricity at night for a small village near Long Ampung.

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