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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Smiles and Tears

On Wednesday I was accompanied by the most beautiful co-pilot ever!  I was thrilled to have Joy ride along with me for a day in the Kodiak, but the real reason she came along was to have a chance to say goodbye to many of her friends interior.  

There were many smiles and much laughter as we shared stories and memories of various times our family has spent the night in these villages.  But there were also many tears.  In fact, Joy and I had a good laugh later, as we reviewed the pictures at home and saw that in seemingly 90% of them, she was bawling her eyes out.

But I think that's a good thing really.  Tough, but good.  It's indicative of the close and meaningful relationships that she/we have developed here with our friends interior.  And that makes it hard to say "goodbye."

These are friends and memories that we will always remember and cherish!

I only wish that we'd have had the time to go to each and every village that day.  But as it were, we only got into a few--in no small part because of the "heavy" weather that threatened to trap us overnight in the Krayan.

We're so thankful for the opportunity we've had to serve the wonderful folks of East Kalimantan, and we look forward to keeping up with them as best we can through our MAF  friends here who will continue to serve, and when possible through Facebook and e-mail.


Tripp said...

Can't say I miss staring down dark rain clouds like that! Glad y'all got to do the goodbye tour.

Unknown said...

Amazing what you and your family are doing. I am a mother to 5 and my oldest is going on a missions trip to Alaska. God has placed in her heart the missionary work. I could not be happier she is 13 years old and has souch love for our heavenly father. I thank you for your blog I am showing her the pictures and she said "Yes this is what I want to do" if its Gods will .. powerful stuff to hear especially coming from a teenager... thanks again anday God bless your family on your next tour.