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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Forney's Go Interior!

We just got back from another family overnight-trip interior. As usual, it was an exciting, humbling, encouraging, and yes, exhausting time! I get to see many of these folks on a weekly basis as I fly back and forth among villages. But it's always extra special, both for me and my friends in the villages, when I have the opportunity to bring Joy and the kids along.

I was so proud of the kids as they just dove right into village life, making friends right through the barriers of culture and language, and delving into all kinds of fun and interesting foods. Above, Hudson walks the airstrip with his new buddy. Britton was an "animal" when it came to the food this time, popping one slippery, grease-dripping chunk of pure pig fat after another into his mouth. Of course, there were plenty of little, rice-patty snails to be stubbornly sucked out of their muddy shells as well. And when he eventually got the nack of it, there was no stopping him.

Like usual, I lugged along all the necessary video equipment, and was able to share a testimony, and then share several films. And like usual, this seemed to be both a big encouragment and hopefully a challenge to the folks there.

Here we are going in...

And here we are coming back out. In fact, when I took this picture, six out of seven heads in the plane were falling over with eyes shut. Does that sum up how exhausting our little village trips are?

Joy did a great job writing up a story of our trip, complete with a bunch more pictures. Check it out on her blog here.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Dave! What an adventure! Wish I was one of your kids. Any interest in adopting a 47 year old kid?!? Hah!
These are wonderful memories and experiences you and the family will always remember!
We continue to pray for you all daily - Lew