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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jungle Expedition Part IV

This is the last post about our adventure to the WWF Lalut Birai research station. We woke up Sunday morning with the smell of the camp fire...

... and a good square meal waiting to be devoured--rice, jungle veggies, little fried whole fish, and of course more frogs.

Crunchy, scrumptious, frogs!

While packing up our campsite along the pretty little creek, we heard some commotion from the direction of the research station.

Our guide had caught a little water snake. The guides loved the fact that Britton was so totally into the wildlife and insects. So they were always trying to find things to point out and show us.

We found some time to climb a really sweet tree. We had to climb it basically just because it was there...and needed to be climbed.

And beneath that tree was a vine. So of course, we had to swing on it.

Then Britton had the chance to feed that deep inner instinct, that fire-making desire that most boys have to suppress. In the jungle it's very, very difficult to make fire, so it's a great place for a boy to practice.

Just before leaving, our guide caught Britton a sweet lizard. We brought it home, where it now lives in Britton's terrarium. Everyday Britton catches a bunch of grasshoppers to feed him. What's really cool is that he can change color to match whatever he's on at the time.

Just before we left we took a group picture.

Then we hiked out to the river, took the motorized canoes back to the airstrip, and flew back to Tarakan--tired, but with plenty of fantastic memories.

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed hearing about our adventure. Wish you could have come along.


Zaankali said...

Do you think Britton knows he is living every little boys dream?

Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome! What exciting adventures! What spectacular photography! What bravery! What manliness! hahaha. Seriously, I'm looking forward to sharing more of these jungle escapades and gorgeous Creation scenery with my homeschoolers.

Be Thou Exalted said...

Thanks for sharing. My family has enjoyed it. I know my husband wishes he could go along!

Tricia Swift said...

wow I loved the adventure! my son has loved the stories and thinks Britton is fantastic! Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

theda said...

I LOVED this blog! Thanks for letting me in on the action.

Auntie said...

I certainly enjoyed reading about this adventure. How fun!

Dave Downing said...

Fantastic blog and I've enjoyed every chapter. Keep up the great work and I can't wait until the other four children get their adventure trip into the wilds with dad.

Jennifer said...

Thoroughly enjoyed it Dave! Thanks!