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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mangrove Swamp

Recently I've been flying on Saturdays, so I have a Sunday-Monday weekend.  On Monday morning I went down to the mangrove swamp for a few hours with the the camera.  Here's a sampling of what I saw.

A toothy macaque monkey.  

The elusive proboscis monkey.

Joy's and the kids' favorite local bird--a king fisher?  I worked hard for two hours trying to get a shot of one of these.  They're very wary and don't let you get close.

A small skink.


I love these little crabs.  They come in bright and varied colors--blue, yellow, red, pink, orange.  But they're very tiny and I've only ever seen them in one small spot.  This blue one is the largest I've ever seen.  It was a little smaller than a US quarter (as in $.25 piece).  

This red one was about the size of a very small Lima bean.  And it was about eight feet below me in the mud--hence, it's not the clearest picture in the world, but you get the idea.

Hope you enjoyed the tour through the mangrove swamp.  Stop by often to see a smattering of ministry, wildlife and "Forney life" pictures from Indonesia.


Arielle said...

Great pictures, as always. Can't say that I blame the proboscis monkey much: if I had a nose like that I would be elusive too!!

Tripp said...

You need to call me next time! I've never even been. I need to start exploring the island more.

Tripp said...

Also, sweet shots!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time reading your blog, and I can already tell it will be one of my favorites. Your photos are UNBELIEVABLE and I can tell you have a love of photography, as I do. I can't wait to read more about your adventures. God Bless You!
-Frances Poindexter

andy paul said...

Stumbled upon your wonderful blog while doing some research on Long Rungan. Had the privilege of being there in May 2011, while doing some photography. Viewed the beautiful photos in your Nov 2008 archive. Amazing people. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too good when i went, will definitely be going back. Hope to see you in Long Bawan then. Keep up the wonderful work you and your family are doing. Cheers. Andy.

Dave said...

Arielle, I hear you about that big nose. I too would be trying to hide if I was sporting a nose like that!

Tripp, I can't believe you haven't been to the Mangrove yet. You gotta go. Next time I'll let you know.

Frances, thanks for your kind words and for dropping by the blog. Please come back often. Oh, and I love Alaska!

Andy, I sure love and appreciate the good people of Long Rungan, and the other villages in the Krayan area. I have adopted family in L. Rungan, and many close friends in Tang La'an L.Layu, L. Padi, and Binuang, not to mention many of the other places. I count it a real privilege to be serving them in a small way. Hope to run into you one day when you're in the area. And by the way, I checked out your website--very nice photos!